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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Trustee Area 1 candidate Terry Webber

Weber answers questions posed by the Coast Mountain News

We asked the candidates the following questions: 1. Please introduce yourself. 2. List three main issues facing the schools you will represent and your suggestions for those issues. 3. What skills do you bring to the position? 4. Why have you entered politics? 5. What is a fun fact about yourself.

Yaw Smatmcuks! Nsta Xuta! Tcamatlhhts alh Snxlhh! Hello friends! My Nuxalk name is Xuta. I come from the village of Snxlhh here in Nuxalk Territory. My modern name is Terry Webber.

I was born and raised here in Nuxalk Territory.

List three main issues facing the schools in your area and your suggestions for those issues.

- Optimize and maximize on the New Graduation requirement which takes effect in the 23/24 school year.

It’s very important to understand this is a minimum standard, through our knowledge keepers, we can advance more curriculum to speak to the real history of this territory where we reside.

- Maximize on a stronger Nuxalk Language and Culture program through capacity building and team building.

- Preparing our students for their Post Secondary opportunities.

Seeking individuals from industries like Pacific Coastal Airlines, BC Ferries, Doctors and Nurses, Teachers, Tourism, Business and Leadership to speak first hand to students, so they have the understanding of the opportunities and the needs required in the near future.

- Evaluate the current tuition rate, is it equitable and fair for a remote community? Advocate to the Province and Federal Government.

What skills do you bring to the position?

- I bring a commitment of being present, being productive, being an advocate, being accountable and standing up for student rights and equality.

My past /current experiences relative to a trustee include; Youth Worker 2008 with Health and Wellness Department, Education assistant/ Home School Coordinator at BCE for four years, elected councillor holding the education portfolio for the Nation who conducted the following initiatives for students: Mike James 3 visits to Nuxalk; 700 orange sweaters for all students and staff at Acwsalcta, BCE, NES, SAMS; 14 bus shelters on reserve; All Nations Elite Summer Basketball program with Henry Schooner and Coach Gino; KASP (aka Paul Saran), Professional Motivational Speaker with HipHop artist/actor Brandon Peters, working collaboratively with SD49 trustees and Nuxalk Chief and Council to finalize a new Local Education Agreement.

I have entered politics to stand up, to speak up, to challenge the system for the better interest of all students.

I am a firm believer in that more should be done, more can be done and more will be done.

A fun fact about myself is that I am married to a beautiful wife with four beautiful daughters and two handsome sons with one more on the way. My family is my everything, they are my backbone to the work that I have committed too.

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