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VIDEO: Ikea turns heads with new overall-wearing, bowl-cut donning mascot

Ikea Canada looking for help in naming its new proposed mascot, with four names to choose

Ikea has revealed a new company mascot and is asking the public to select its new name.

The mascot has been received with mixed reviews, with some TikTok users thinking it’s cute and others thinking it’s ‘kuslig’, the Swedish word to describe something creepy, eerie or weird.

After the video was posted to TikTok on Monday (June 19), suggestions and criticism came pouring in.

“Don’t name it…get rid of it!” one user commented, to which IKEA Canada replied with a laughing emoji.

Many are demanding for the overall-wearing mascot to be named ‘Meatball’ after the stores fan-favourite beef and pork mince ALLEMANSRÄTTEN, which were launched in 1985.

Official name options include: Billy, Vän, Hex and Blue.

Voting ends Friday.

@ikeacanada Highest vote by Friday wins! Comment with your choice! 1. Billy 2. Vän 3. Hex 4. Blue #Contest #IKEA #Mascot #FYP #Vote Le plus grand nombre de votes gagne ! Commentez ci-dessous votre préféré ! 1. Billy 2. Vän 3. Hex 4. Blue #concours #IKEA #mascotte #pourtoi #vote ♬ Hot New Bombshell - grace🦋

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