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100 Mile and District Outriders rebuilding horse show events

Wild and Wooly Horse Show first of the season

The 100 Mile and District Outriders held their annual Wild and Wooly Horse Show on Saturday, May 11.

Attendance was low and six horses, all from 100 Mile House, were involved, a far cry from the days when the show attracted 30 competitors from across British Columbia. Both British and Western style of horse riding was showcased in the competition.

According to Michael Kidston, who did the announcing throughout the event, this is an after-effect of the pandemic.

“We’re just trying to rebuild the interest in the showing community in the different horse event community since the COVID shutdown when nothing happened for two full seasons.”

Kidston says he was disappointed by the low turnout, but he does hope the event can get back on its feet.

“We’re just trying to get people back into thinking about doing these things.”

One of the competitors of the show, Karen Wares, is a resident of 100 Mile House. She bought the horse she competed with, Manny, when he was one year old or a “yearling” and has spent years raising and training him.

Wares said she likes attending the event and hopes, much like the Outriders, that it will grow more popular in the future.

“I love it. And it’s good exposure for a young horse,” Wares said. “I’m a little disappointed this year, but it’ll pick up - it comes in ebbs and flows.”

Kidston noted that when they held a gymkhana the next day, however, around 30 competitors took part which he finds encouraging for the future of the Wild and Wooly Horse Show.

About the Author: Misha Mustaqeem

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