Crystal Anderson is seeking re-election for school trustee. (Photo submitted)

Crystal Anderson is seeking re-election for school trustee. (Photo submitted)

MEET THE CANDIDATE: Trustee Area 2 candidate Crystal Anderson

Anderson answers questions posed by Coast Mountain News

We asked the candidates the following questions: 1. Please introduce yourself. 2. List three main issues facing schools in your area you will represent and your suggestions for those issues. 3. What skills do you bring to the position? 4. Why have you entered politics? 5. What is a fun fact about yourself.

1. My name is Crystal Anderson. I have lived on the Central Coast within Heiltsuk Territory, on Denny Islandsince 1984.

I am grateful for the community I have become a part of.

I am honored to have been a SD49 School Board Trustee since 2003.

2. All trustees are advocates for the whole district.

Three of the key issues facing our schools are: teacher recruitment and retention, housing and transportation.

Right now, there is a shortage of teachers province-wide.

This makes it particularly challenging for rural districts like ours.

I strongly encourage and support working with other districts, sharing strategic opportunities for recruitment, and strengthening our presence through multimedia, highlighting our unique surroundings and lifestyles.

Telling, who we are, where we are and what we do.

Housing within our area is negligible. With limited to no existing housing availability within the district,

Where do the new teachers live? What about new families?

Community and schools go hand in hand.

I will strongly advocate for and support any strategy that will encourage retention of all our community members, including teachers.

Transportation in rural settings is always a huge issue and challenge.

The students are on the bus for up to two hours every day and any extra-curricular or team events out of town is costly.

Children attending Shearwater School take a water taxi. Both outer coast schools (Owekeeno and

Shearwater) have minimal extra-curricular or out of town experiences due to location and high costs.

There are 10 children in Ocean Falls, with no school.

Transportation and location is most definitely an issue.

3. I do not have an answer yet, but solutions come with dialogue. The voice of a trustee is community driven.

Listening to the children, parents, teachers, and stakeholders enable us to make sound decisions at the table.

I would encourage those that have any interest or ideas on any of these issues or any other not addressed here, to contact me anytime.

4. Living in a small community everyone is involved in some form of politics. I happen to choose education.

Children become adults very quickly.

I care about creating space for education to be inspired, fun, interesting and secure.

I am a trustee for the children of our communities.

5. Fun fact. I play all day, even when I’m working…what am I?

I am a screen printer.

Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy.

Thank you.

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