Marlene King is running for Electoral Area E director and school trustee Area 1. (Photo submitted)

Marlene King is running for Electoral Area E director and school trustee Area 1. (Photo submitted)

MEET THE CANDIDATE: CCRD Area E, trustee Area 1 candidate Marlene King

King answers questions posed by Coast Mountain News

We asked the candidates the following questions: 1. Please introduce yourself. 2. List three main issues facing the electoral area and schools you will represent and your suggestions for those issues. 3. What skills do you bring to the position? 4. Why have you entered politics? 5. What is a fun fact about yourself.

Hi my name is Marlene King, My Nuxalk name is Nuq’ayukaqws.

I was born August 16, 1966 to the late Rosemarie Hans. I was adopted to the late (Licimutusayc) Silas and Susan King who was a hereditary chief from Kwatna.

I have three kids and five grandchildren. I raise my granddaughter who is eight and I’ve raised her since she was three weeks old.

In 1989, I was one of the first students to graduate from Nuxalk College also known as Lip’Alhayc College.

I am a certified Chartered Herbalist (I make my own medicines, salves, teas and tinctures) and I am working on my Independent Teacher’s Certification. I also have Certification of Completion of Overview of Professional Business Correspondence. I’ve worked at Nuxalk College for the past 13 years.

I worked as the Nutritionist Assistant at Acwsalcta for eight years and I also worked as the Co-operative Education Co-ordinator for four years at Acwsalcta.

As you can see my past experience with N.A.A.L.S has given me the opportunities to explore all levels of education and has drawn me to take an active role in our community where our children’s education is concerned.

I want to see equality and more reconciliation with our First Nations people. Hiring more Nuxalk

Teachers positions and having more Nuxalk in the leadership roles where it concerns our children.

I went to BCE and SAMS in K, grade school , middle school and high school.

Not much has changed since my day. I quit school in grade Eight at SAMS because of the systematic racism…

I believe if we all work together to make to necessary changes in all communities regarding equality and start changing the way we think things should be done and doing what we know should be done.

Going back to land-base teachings and teaching our ways through teaching the Non-native staff and students our ways.

It’s education and when we understand…we learn and we respect.

Because every child matters.

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