Residents invited to share thoughts on solid waste recommendations

The Central Coast Regional District is updating its Solid Waste Management Plan

The Central Coast Regional District is updating its Solid Waste Management Plan, an action list that describes how we will reduce, reuse, recycle, compost and dispose of our garbage for the next 10 years.

Ken McIlwain, Public Works Manager, says that the draft Solid Waste Management Plan was developed with input from a Solid Waste Advisory Group. This group was formed to reflect the broad interests of the community, and includes representation from the Nuxalk Nation, local businesses, environmental interests, and local institutions such as the school board and hospital. “We’ve been meeting since last May and have shared lots of ideas on how we can improve the way we manage garbage here in the Bella Coola Valley.”

The two main goals of the draft plan are to improve the landfill to meet the new BC Landfill Criteria, and to increase participation in recycling and reuse. Ken adds, “We have lots of opportunities here to recycle a huge range of products. We want to get everyone on board and reduce the amount of garbage that we need to landfill.”

Some of the proposed actions in the draft plan related to recycling are: Increasing awareness of local opportunities through expanded communication and education programs, contracting a part time Waste Diversion Educator to work with school children and Thorsen Creek Eco Depot customers to increase their awareness of the many recycling and reuse options available, distributing blue recycling boxes to all homes in the Valley, restricting recyclable products and packaging (such as cardboard, beverage containers, household recyclables, tires, batteries, paint, pesticides, fuels, and solvents), from disposal as garbage, and to gradually increase user fees on non-household garbage disposal to encourage waste reduction and diversion.

The next step for the CCRD is to get community feedback on the Plan’s proposed recommendations, and they are asking residents to complete a short survey, which is available on-line at until February 18th.  A paper copy is available too, and is on the back page of a Solid Waste Management Plan Newsletter that was mailed to every home in the Valley in early February. A paper version can also be picked up at the CCRD office.

There is even a chance to win a prize for completing the survey. For completing the survey, the CCRD is offering a draw prize for a $100 gift certificate from a local retailer or restaurant of your choice.  All surveys need to be completed and returned to the CCRD office (if you complete the paper version) by February 18th.

After February 18th, the Solid Waste Advisory Group will review the input received and determining if, based the community’s feedback, any revisions to the Plan are required.  The Board is expected to receive the finalized version of the Plan in March.