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Quesnel kitten on the mend after help from Good Samaritan, SPCA

Adoption now possible after kitty life saved

The BC SPCA is hoping you can help Mira, a three-month-old Siamese mix stray kitten who was found on a property in Quesnel with a large, infected, life-threatening wound.

“The daughter of the Good Samaritan who brought Mira to the BC SPCA found her,” said Colby O’Flynn, BC SPCA’s senior manager, North Cariboo and Quesnel. “She had heard Mira crying and when her mom looked the kitten over, she noticed a severe injury at the base of the kitten’s tail and into the stomach and knew she needed immediate medical attention.”

O’Flynn adds that Mira had a deep tear from her tail to her hip and through to her large intestine. Her tail was also broken in multiple places. The wound appeared to be several days old and was dirty and infected. She was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic for urgent treatment.

Mira was in serious trouble and would need to fight for her life.

“Despite the horrendous condition of her wound, Mira was friendly and loving, purring and rolling around for the vet,” said O’Flynn. “Even though the veterinarian was concerned about the seriousness of her injury, we all agreed this little kitten was up for the fight ahead of her.”

The first thing the veterinarian would need to do was clean Mira’s wound and assess the internal damage to her organs. Due to the amount of inflammation, the vet team was not able to close the wound and had to leave it open for the infection to drain and the swelling to subside. Mira was put on an aggressive course of antibiotics, strict kennel rest and a pain management plan.

“Happily, on her second day under observation we were able to determine that her internal organs were working as they should,” says O’Flynn. “After seven days, they were able to close the wound.”

“Mira is an extremely loving and affectionate kitten,” says O’Flynn. “She purrs during wound care. She is completely unfazed by her injury and all the medical treatments. She is a lovely, rambunctious, and curious little kitten.”

The breaks in Mira’s tail will require it to be amputated and she will also need to be spayed. She will be available for adoption in mid to late August.

If you can help Mira and other animals in need at the BC SPCA, please visit

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