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Lightning sparks 4 new fires in Wells Gray Provincial Park

Modified response for these fires
There are four new wildfires in Wells Gray Provincial Park. (BCWS map)

Lightning is believed to have sparked four new wildfires in Wells Gray Provincial Park over the weekend.

Located just south of Kostal Lake, three of the fires are less than a hectare in size; the Kostel Cone wildfire is 0.1 of a hectare and was discovered Sunday, July 9 at 11:54 a.m., the Kostel Lake wildfire is 0.009 hectares in size and was discovered Sunday at 11:41 a.m., and the Majerus Lake wildfire is estimated to be 0.4 hectares in size and was discovered Sunday at 11:41 a.m.

Further south in the park in the Pillpill Range area, the largest fire is the K21379 wildfire at an estimated 60 hectares. This fire was also discovered Sunday, July 9.

The BC Wildfire Service is actioning these four, lightning-caused fires with a modified response. During a modified response, a wildfire is managed using a combination of techniques with the goal to minimize costs and damage while maximizing ecological benefits from the fire, noted BCWS.

“This response method is used when there is no immediate threat to values.”

Last month, BC Parks closed the Murtle Lake area of Well Gray Park, which included the access road, parking lot and trails.

Murtle Lake Marine Operating Area in Wells Gray Park is now re-opened for public use.

“Current weather and conditions have reduced fire behaviour on the Murtle Lake wildfire (K20469), and visitors are again permitted to access the area. Although the imminent threat of the wildfire has decreased, smoke may still be visible,” noted BC Parks.

“Wildfires are dynamic and the situation can change quickly. Recreators intending to visit Murtle Lake should be aware that the wildfire is still actively burning, and fire activity may increase should above-seasonal/summer-like conditions return.”

The Murtle Lake wildfire is considered under control.

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Angie Mindus

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