Area C candidate Jayme Kennedy and Area D candidate Lawrence Northeast. Sam Schooner is elected by acclamation for Area E and Richard Hall is running in Area D (photo and platform for Hall to come)

CCRD Candidates detail their election platforms

More candidate profiles to come….

Candidates are appearing in alphabetical order – more to come

Jayme Kennedy (Area C – elected by acclamation)

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Jayme Kennedy has lived in the CCRD since 2009. In that time, she has worked in two of the public schools of the region as well as in the tourism sector as first an employee and then business owner beginning in 2016.

Jayme is an active volunteer in the region serving on the Bella Coola Tourism Board, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association, the Municipal Regional District Tax Committee, the Bella Coola Music Festival Board and formerly the Central Coast Chamber of Commerce and Denny Island Recreation Committee.

Jayme has a can-do attitude and believes in a connected CCRD. She would like to see more unity and connection through the region on issues that effect the future of the Central Coast economically, environmentally and culturally.

As a business owner, she strives to enhance the local economy in a responsible and sustainable manner focusing on connecting regional local businesses to help stimulate the local economy while maintaining respect for the region as a Coastal Gem in a majestic, yet fragile setting.

Lawrence Northeast (Area D)

I am currently the administrator for Nuxalk College. My family and I arrived here ten years ago after 17 years in public and independent school education. I have a Bachelor’s of General Studies Degree from SFU and an MA in Educational Leadership from Trinity Westen University. I have served on a number of boards over the years including two which focused on camp work for youth and families. Currently, I am the President of the Breath of Life Society which oversees the weekly soup kitchen and other activities at the Bella Coola Outreach Centre in the old Palm Garden Restaurant. Recently I have been involved in the ongoing work of the Nuxalk Nation’s and the Regional District’s Emergency Preparedness, Response and Management plans.

What I bring to this table are my administrative skills and my abilities in the area of advocacy. My leadership training and experience lead me to reach across the table in order to work out the best possible solution for everyone. The best leaders empower others. They find ways to move forward that build rather than tear down. I have a strong desire to serve the entire community and to see it grow and prosper.

What I would like to see is a continuation of the work that has been started by others to see our valley and coastal communities be less reliant on outside agencies and organizations and less subject to the whims of factors outside our control and boundaries. To that end, while we need to continue to work with the two senior levels of government, we must also find our own way. Local solutions to local problems are best. The local governments should continue to work together to do this. Together we need to improve local services and infrastructure. When we do this, we will see people, investment and more opportunity return to our valley and the coast. We need to do this in a socially, fiscally, and environmentally responsible way…. recognizing that while we are all keenly invested in our community and desire to see it grow and prosper we don’t always agree on what that will look like or how to get there. Respect and cooperation between local governments and their constituents are critical. I have three main areas of interest that I would like to work with others on if I am elected as the Director of Region D. 1. Improve health and wellness services in the valley. 2. Attract clean industries and companies that will respect the land and honour the values of our community. 3. Provide more educational and recreational opportunities here in the Valley.

Samuel Schooner (Area E – elected by acclamation)

Samuel Pootlass from his mother’s side. His family are descendants of Captain Schooner on his father’s side. The Pootlass family’s traditional territory is Q’umk’uts or what is now known as the Bella Coola Townsite in Nuxalk Ancestral Territories.

Samuel has served two terms as elected Council and is currently on the Central Coast Regional District since 2014 for Area E (Townsite). He wants to see his people build capacity for future opportunities, he enjoys being on the land, and is currently pursuing his 3rd year apprentice in carpentry. Samuel is a certified Occupational First Aid (Level 3).

Samuel is passionate about bringing our governments together to work at making our communities stronger, safer and more resilient. Samuel believes that the solution to many of our obstacles lies with other levels of government and organizations and he promotes that together we can be the change our communities need to move forward.

Samuel wishes to acknowledge that the Nuxalkmc people are a sovereign nation and that we are working towards being more financially independent through our forestry operations. We are at very important time of reconciliation with both federal and provincial governments. He sees our people managing every aspect of our forestry operations within the next 5 to 10 years as we promote and develop our youth.

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