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Bella Coola Valley Tourism electric fence discount program offered again to keep bears away

BCVT has partnered with Grizzly Bear Foundation to offer the program


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It’s that time of year again!

Wildlife is more active. Bears awaken from winter hibernation and begin their months-long search for food. The changing season is also a reminder for valley residents to make the collective effort in protecting their families, property and community from bear conflicts.

Various precautions involve simple tasks such as cleaning up the grounds, securing garbage and pet food areas. In the case of fruit trees, livestock and gardens, electric fences have a proven effectiveness of prevention in reducing any risk of conflicts.

In an effort to subsidize the cost of e-fencing to valley residents, Bella Coola Valley Tourism, in partnership with Grizzly Bear Foundation, recently announced another $5,000 donation in electric fence equipment .

“Only high-quality, heavy-duty components are chosen and everything is 50 per cent off retail price,” said president Bobby Sherlock. “When properly designed and installed, this equipment has more than enough power and deter bears from gaining entry.”

As a springtime promotion, BCVT is offering a complimentary 400-foot spool of galvanized Hi-Tensile wire with every PARMAC charger (valid through May). For those who want to electrify their existing wooden post fences, BCVT is offering screw-in ring insulators that tie into an electric system.

Mr. Sherlock is optimistic about the initiative after BCVT’s successful launch last season.

“From what we’ve seen, there is a real need for lower cost solutions. Let’s face it, living in the valley isn’t cheap and the dramatic price drop in e-fence equipment makes a big difference,” he said.

“As tourism continues to grow in the Bella Coola Valley, one of our goals is to reduce and eliminate human bear conflicts. Going forward, this is one of many tools we can use to help keep humans and bears safer.”

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