$23,500 has been donated to local non-profit organizations so far (file photo)

Bella Coola Community Forest donates to local non-profits suffering from COVID-19 losses

$23,500 has been donated to local non-profit organizations so far

The Bella Coola Community Forest has stepped up for local non-profits in what turned out to be one of the toughest years for community organizations in decades. Charitable providers of all sorts of social services across the country — daycare, community venues, support groups and more — have seen a catastrophic drop in revenue.

Many cannot hold fundraising events because of physical distancing requirements while others are simply unable to operate. Here many local charities and non-profit groups depend on renting physical spaces (Lobelco Hall, Bella Coola Legion) to keep their operations afloat and this has been a devastating year.

The Bella Coola Community Forest saw this need and decided that the best way to help was to offer cash donations for these organizations to help keep them alive.

“The community forest operation has been working throughout the year. Many other people and businesses were not as fortunate. We know it has been particularly hard for non-profits that depend on funds from hosting gatherings of various kinds. These services are critical to our community,” said BCCF Rod Krimmer. “When the board of directors realized that we were in a position to help some of them pay their expenses for this year, it was agreed with unanimous pleasure.”

So far Bella Coola Community Forest has donated a total of $23,500 to local non-profit organizations that suffered income loss due to Covid restrictions. These organizations still incur overhead costs (hydro, heat, insurance, etc) but with the covid restrictions were not able to hold fund raising social events and now are struggling to make ends meet.

Late last year, the BCCF contacted local non-profit organizations and inquired whether they could use some help. Many responded that they were facing financial difficulties and would appreciate a hand. Donations range from $1000 to $6000.

Donations so far have been provided to Lobelco Hall, Moose Hall, Royal Canadian Legion, Bella Coola Senior Citizens Housing Society, Bella Coola Health Care Auxiliary, Valley Ridge Riders, Harbour Authority, Norwegian Heritage House and the Bella Coola Museum.