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ZenHarmonics Reviews - Is Zen Harmonics Binaural Beats Meditation Program Legit?

Deep meditation can be achieved through various practices, like mantras, that are believed to create harmonious vibrations to promote a still mind and inner peace. Harmonic sounds, on the other hand, enable the brain to clinch a meditative state and relaxation by balancing the brain hemispheres.

Deep meditation can be achieved through various practices, like mantras, that are believed to create harmonious vibrations to promote a still mind and inner peace. Harmonic sounds, on the other hand, enable the brain to clinch a meditative state and relaxation by balancing the brain hemispheres.

According to research, transcranial magnetic stimulation is applicable in treating various mental health issues, including bipolar disorder and depression. In addition, rhythmic overtones and multiple harmonic frequencies are proven to be therapeutic.

The creator of ZenHarmonics claims that digital audio technology activates the four holistic bits of intelligence enabling consumers to experience the transformative power of deep meditation and life abundance. So how exactly do the harmonics work? Here’s more on ZenHarmonics.

What Is ZenHamonics?

ZenHarmonics refers to revolutionary and futuristic binaural audio beats powered by MRT sound technology. According to the creator, the digital audio program is designed to activate consumers’ intelligence and provide a powerful and deep meditation experience. In addition, the designer claims that, unlike typical meditation audio, ZenHarmonics are augmented with ambient and heartbeat synchronization technology to provide a transformational experience.

The binaural beat audio program runs on multiple devices, including phones, tablets and computers. The creator claims that consumers gain a transformative approach and achieve epic success by managing work stress and materializing their dream effortlessly. The harmonic tracks are designed for different scenarios and times; some are for morning or nighttime sessions, and others are ideal for enhancing focus, creativity or relaxation.

How Does ZenHarmonics Work?

Neuroplasticity enables cranial nerves to communicate with each other and allows the brain to adapt to new experiences and changes in responses based on various therapies. ZenHarmonics integrate a similar approach of activating the brain nerve cells through Multivariate Resonant Technology (MRT) sound technology. MRT technology incorporates binaural beats, heartbeat and breathing patterns.

The audio resonates from both ears to the brain and creates a brainwave frequency. The binaural harmonics open new neural pathways after listening to the 5-minutes, 10 minutes, 15-minute or 30-minutes audio sessions. According to the creator, the harmonics enable consumers to release old habits, behaviors and beliefs and feel empowered. In addition, the mind is elevated to higher consciousness levels, and one gets a positive mindset. It’s an effortless approach that provides life abundance in revolutionary ways through each level of the sessions.

A Closer Look at Binaural Beats Technology and ZenHarmonics

Binaural beats are engineered sounds with specific harmonic frequencies, scientifically proven to induce positive mental effects on the brain. The impact entails creativity, problem-solving skills, pain control, better cognitive abilities and concentration.

ZenHarmonics is powered by binaural beats technology, enabling consumers to experience meditative effects easily and quickly. According to the creator of ZenHarmonics, the audios are engineered to get to various brain levels at different timeframes and scenarios. The audio sessions range from 5 to 30 minutes, making them fit the consumer’s tight schedule.

ZenHarmonics Unique Features

The creator of the digital audio programs claims that the proprietary technologies are exceptional based on the following aspects:

Sensorial Relaxation: Unlike typical binaural beats, ZenHarmonics are powered by Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT) to provide relaxation based on senses and incorporate breathing sounds and heartbeats. The sensory effects are synchronized to provide an immersive and natural rhythmic experience that awakens the four intelligences, which include:

  • Mental intelligence-binaural beats are linked to the alpha and theta brainwave ranges that open new neural pathways.
  • Physical intelligence-the harmonic frequencies are aligned to breathing and heartbeat to provide one with an open will.
  • Emotional intelligence-the frequencies are linked with heart coherence and heartbeat to provide gratitude, open-heartedness, forgiveness and love.
  • Spiritual intelligence- there’s a link between specific light spectra and the law of octaves translated to sound vibration that resonates with spiritual intelligence. The Binaural beats enable consumers to achieve deep meditation effectively through the senses.

Profound Transitions Guided by Intelligent Technology: The meditation levels are intelligently guided through technology to provide consumers with different effects. Consumers can select the 5,10,15, or 30 minute sessions, with each choice getting deeper into their mind.

Elegant to Hear: The futuristic technology integrates beautifully arranged symphonies to create a positive mindset and deep meditation, which sculpts the subconscious mind.

Different Tracks for Specified Times: ZenHarmonics are created based on different scenarios and times. The morning meditation type is designed differently from the one for bedtime. In the morning, for instance, the harmonics are calm to enhance productivity, while during bedtime, the frequencies are soothing to guide consumers deep into sleep.

ZenHarmornics Benefits

The creator claims that consumers can gain from ZenHarmonics in the following ways:

Alleviates Stress and Provides Relaxation: consumers can deviate from their usual routine and undergo deep meditation, declutter their mind and find ultimate relaxation. In addition, the audio program rejuvenates the body and relieves stress.

Empowers Healthier Habits: Studies show that MRT meditation has transformative effects to enable one to avoid unhealthy habits. ZenHarmonics have a positive impact on mental and physical health. Studies reveal that people who undergo deep meditation have increased gray matter in their brains, which is ideal for enhancing auditory senses, memory capabilities and decision-making.

Enhances Analytical Thinking and Creativity: Consumers improve their creativity and find ideal solutions for solving problems through meditation. The creator recommends the program for students and workers who perform high-level tasks.

Deep Connection with Other People: Deep meditation rewires the brain and tunes emotional resiliency and intuition. Consumers connect with other people through empathy and resolution in case of arguments.

Improved Sexual Outcomes: According to studies, meditation improves sexual desire, satisfaction, performance and confidence. With periodic sessions, consumers overcome inhibitory aspects that affect their sex life.

Boosts Productivity: Mediating every day enhances creativity and problem-solving skills. Workers get laser focus on their tasks and boost their productivity.

Promotes Life Abundance: ZenHarmonics enable consumers to meditate deeply and develop new inventions. As a result, one finds fulfillment, self-awareness and purpose in life. Meditation also forms part of spiritual growth and enables one to make perfect decisions.

The Link Between ZenHarmonics and Yoga

Both yoga and ZenHarmonics tracks are flexible and ideal for stress management, mental clarity and laser focus. However, yoga entails physical postures, exercises and meditation that may require prolonged practice. ZenHarmonics is designed for the fast-paced generation, and the tracks are in sessions that fit the tight schedule. Consumers meditate effortlessly through the audio program.

ZenHarmonics Plans

Consumers can subscribe to the following plans on the official website:

3-Day Trial: consumers get full access to the level one collection of ZenHarmonics at $0.99 for three days. The access is unrestricted; consumers can subscribe to the program at $17.70 per month after the trial elapses.

Annual Plan: In this subscription, consumers get unrestricted access to the program annually, saving them 8% over monthly renewal. The regular cost of access is $188. However, the creator has provided consumers with a coupon for $141, and thus it’s accessible at $47 annually.

Lifetime Plan: In this special plan, consumers can access ZenHarmonics for a one-time payment of $47 from a regular subscription cost of $497, saving $450. In this plan, consumers have unrestricted access to the program for a lifetime.

Money Back Guarantee

Consumers unsatisfied with the digital audio tracks can get a hassle-free refund within 60 days of payment. However, the creator claims that the program is 100% satisfactory to all consumers. One gets a full refund by contacting the service team within 60 days.


Harmonics play a vital role in deep meditation and enhancing a relaxed mind. ZenHarmonics access the subconscious mind effortlessly and promote inner peace. According to the creator, the digital program provides consumers with abundance and transforms their mindset. Consumers can select their preferred plan on the official website and experience the transformative power of deep meditation. Each plan is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Consumers can undergo morning or nighttime sessions, undergo soothing sessions and enhance their creativity or focus with ZenHarmonics.