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Mental Time Travel System Reviews - Real Health, Wealth, and Romance Program by Dr. Joe Vitale?

Are you trying to overcome victimhood? Are the past events ruining your present and future? Past experiences can have a harmful effect on your life, but with episodic future thinking or, in other words, mental time travel, you can predict and prepare yourself for future events.

Are you trying to overcome victimhood? Are the past events ruining your present and future? Past experiences can have a harmful effect on your life, but with episodic future thinking or, in other words, mental time travel, you can predict and prepare yourself for future events.

Imagining future events correctly can help you live a life where you have a positive future. However, imagining past and future events does not mean that everything that comes to mind is true. Often, imaginations are the result of semantic memory. However, episodic memory can help you prepare for the future and live a positive life.

Our memories can play a massive role in our mental time travel ability. But what is all this memory talk anyways? This talk is your key to a positive future. Get to know about the developmental and comparative identification of mental time travel with Dr Joe. He is communicating facts about human evolution and how the right and left hippocampus play a role in preparing for possible future events, promoting human motivation.

Overview of the Mental Time Travel System

Before purchasing any product, you need to have an overview of what it is and what it does. So here is the best review you can get of this system.

According to Dr Joe, we can live in an imagined future, so all our episodic-like memories are not at all useless. Our past events play a huge role in shaping our future. But to differentiate between semantic memory and episodic memory is something not everyone is capable of.

So, in this mental time travel system package, Dr Joe came up with different books and videos to teach you how to use episodic memories for positive events in the future. Let’s take an example of your long-lost dream. Think about it, was it marrying someone you love, building an empire, or in other cases, running a successful business? What if we tell you all of this can become a reality?

Cognitive neuroscience plays a considerable role in the mental time travel system. Why? Because cognitive neuroscience is a part of a study that tells us how the brain processes the functions human beings perform. You can also call it the future tool.

It is a uniquely human ability to make their present a result of a past event. But how you shape it is what makes the difference. And this is where Dr Joe helps you. His books and lectures help you achieve and attract anything you want. But why use this package? Because mental time travel requires proper measurements of both episodic foresight and episodic memory to achieve your dreams.

The concept might be challenging to understand right now, but once you get his mental time travel system, you will be the one giving advice to the friend’s group and telling them stories about your success.


The following factors will explain the most common aspects of the mental time travel system. So let’s proceed.

The Package

Before you purchase this system, you need to know what comes in the package. Starting off, you get access to fifteen videos that contain fifteen principles of life with which you can attract health, romance, and wealth, or as Dr Joe says, “The Big 3. All the videos are different and help you create a better and bolder personality.

Then about the introductory videos. These videos guide you through the whole mental time travel system and spit many facts you never knew were true. After that, the audio files you get fall into different categories based on past and future. These audio files help you access the entire benefits.

And let’s remind you about the bonus videos that are a part of the package. These videos provide details of Dr Joe and how he came up with this system. He also explains why his system is better than any other mental time travel system.

Lastly, Dr Joe loves to surprise people. So he includes a unique and secret gift in every package. So we cannot tell you about the gift because everyone gets a different one. In order to know about it, you’ll have to get the package.


All the efforts and hard work that is the backbone of this system require a lot of money and personal time. And Dr Joe gave it his all. He is a psychology geek and knows details about humans many scientists don’t. Now, when you keep all this in mind, it is understandable that he has set the package at a reasonable price to help his audience.

But since Dr Joe knows that many can’t afford its actual value, the majority will step back by just looking at the price. So he has ensured that everything is well and within the average person’s budget. And this brings us to unveil the price of his guidance package.

If you have a disposable income of $199, $150, or $120? Well, keep that money in your pockets because this whole package only costs $97. Yes! Just $97. That is all you need to pay for a promising future, a depression-free life, and the ticket to achieving your dreams. It might sound unrealistic at the moment, but no worries, his work comes with proof and has already helped many people across the globe.

Media Features

Now that you know what the package contains and its cost, let’s get into the features of each element you get with this system.

There are fifteen videos with fifteen principles that provide the best way to change your personality. And by change, we do not mean a negative change. This change is actually achievable and will make you an attractive person, so, for example, no matter how arrogant your lover is, you’ll know how to put the ring on their finger.

The three videos that serve the essential purpose also feature real-life stories of people whose lives changed, and hope became a regular thing for them.

Then there are three mental time travel guidance audio files to help you rewrite your past. The bonus videos help you understand the whole program in-depth and the steps you must take after you complete this program. These videos also teach a unique technique that allows people to understand how Dr Joe scans them.

The surprise gift is, however, a secret only you can know. It is different and varies from person to person.

Money Back Guarantee

Let’s say that this program does not work for you or if you think that this program is something other than what you need. What will you do then?

It’s simple. This program comes with a full sixty-day refund policy. So if you feel things are not working for you at any moment, feel free to use this policy and get your money back.


  • Quality and quantity
  • Better future promised
  • Ticket to achieving dreams
  • Budget-friendly
  • Money-back policy
  • Scientifically proven to work


May not work for everyone


There is a lot we can tell you about the mental time travel system and its benefits. However, this article perfectly summarizes the mental time travel system and how Dr Joe has made it accessible to the public.

You can learn a lot from this program and get lifetime access to all the material means you always have your guide with you. Get set to experience a rewarding mental time travel.