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Xeni Gwet’in Youth Wagon Trip sets sights on Williams Lake Stampede

This year marks the 15th annual eight-day youth trip

Xeni Gwet’in 15th Annual Youth Wagon Trip departs Friday, June 23 from the Nemiah Valley Lodge and will arrive eight days later at the 95th annual Williams Lake Stampede in time for the grand entry on Friday, June 30.

The Wagon Trip Group will be travelling from Nemiah Valley Lodge and up the 900 Taseko Road, over to Big Creek Road (2000 Road) and onto Highway 20. We thank all traffic in advance for slowing down for the convoy of horses and wagons.

Camp locations are as follows:

June 23 Nemiah Lodge - See More Draw Hill

June 24 See More Draw Hill to 18KM Gravel Pit

June 25-26 18KM Gravel Pit - Big Creek Hall

June 27 Big Creek Hall - Sugarcane Jacks

June 28 Sugarcane Jacks - Farwell Canyon

June 29 Farwell Canyon - top Sheep Creek

June 30 top of Sheep creek - Williams Lake Stampede Grounds Grand Entry

Wagon masters are Roy and Gwen Mulvahill, joined by Tom Jennings and Jimmy Lulua. This year there will be five wagons.

Xeni Gwet’in First Nation former chief Jimmy Lulua started the Xeni Gwet’in Youth Wagon Trip as a way to reconnect the community’s youth with horses and also revive a tradition of Indigenous people making their way to town for the Stampede many years ago.

The community’s vision is for their people to be healthy and physically active with a strong economy built upon by the historic Supreme Court William Rights and Title decision.

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