Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School graduates share memories, thoughts on future

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School families and staff celebrated graduates in June. (Angie Mindus photo)Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School families and staff celebrated graduates in June. (Angie Mindus photo)
Chase YounkerChase Younker
Jacob HallJacob Hall
Jonathan RatcliffJonathan Ratcliff
Sadie HantonSadie Hanton
Trinty MackTrinty Mack
Tyler DoironTyler Doiron
Silas Chapman-TallioSilas Chapman-Tallio
Trenton NelsonTrenton Nelson

Congratulations to this year’s Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School (SAMS) graduates. Grads entertained our questions for you, our readers at Coast Mountain News:

Trenton Nelson

• A future career path plan of mine is the Powerline Technician Apprenticeship Program with BC Hydro.

• There is no one in particular that I’d like to mention.

• Motorcycles and dirt bikes are a passion of mine, as well as hunting, marksmanship and archery.

• My favourite memory from SAMS was the mechanics and welding class I took in Grade 7.

• I would bring an axe as it is a very versatile tool.

Jonathan Ratcliff

• Travelling, business (maybe), pilot (maybe) and go to university.

• Not really anyone but I guess the teachers and my parents.

• I am a huge fan of geography, countries, different places and the world.

• Hanging out with people and Outdoor Ed trips, especially to Calvert Island and Troll Mountain.

• A hatchet

Silas Chapman-Tallio

• To do stewardship work on the coast.

• Mr. Boileau and my mom, Dayna Tallio.

• A love to play sports. Volleyball, basketball and soccer are my favourites.

• School trips to Prince George, Vancouver, Quesnel and Hakai.

• A 75 litre hiking bag.

Jacob Hall

• I just want to travel places and make movies.

• Probably Chase, mostly.

• Probably just all of Mr. Butler’s classes.

• A car battery.

Chase Younker

• I will be pursuing mechanical engineering at the University of Victoria.

• All the teachers at my school have helped push me along and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

• I once shoved my finger up a dead bear’s nose, and I’ve seen a cat being eaten by slugs.

• I poured apple juice in a kids’ noodles, and he punched me in the head.

Trinity Mack

• It’s hard to say what my future holds for me, but I can only hope what my life looks like. I know that I want to be happy and live freely.

My plan is to study environmental science, work in the forestry industry and make Bella Coola more sustainable.

• I think the people around me have constantly helped me get through anything in and out of school.

• I LOVE tree planting, the outdoors, school and sports.

• My favourite memories of school are all the friends I’ve made and all the sports trips I have been on.

• If I was stranded on a desert island with my classmates, I’d bring Shayleen.

Tyler Doiron

• I want to be a teacher.

• My mom.

• I like sports.

• The 2 band trips I went on.

• Water-wings.

Sadie Hanton

• I’m going to hike the Appalachian Trail in March of 2022, four to six months of hiking through the U.S.

• I enjoy anything and everything outdoors.

• The Turner Lake Chain Outdoor Ed trip.

• A fishing rod

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