PHOTO GALLERY: Congratulations Acwsalcta School 2023 graduates

Acwsalcta School front. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)Acwsalcta School front. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)
Todd Moody.Todd Moody.
Makayla Snow.Makayla Snow.
Everett Johnson.Everett Johnson.
Autumn Schooner.Autumn Schooner.
Angeline Johnson.Angeline Johnson.
Paul EdgarPaul Edgar
Serena GabrielSerena Gabriel
Josiah Friesen-EdgarJosiah Friesen-Edgar
Mary DurocherMary Durocher
Madison MackMadison Mack
Deana Schooner.Deana Schooner.
Ellery DesterEllery Dester
Anthony SchoonerAnthony Schooner
Tikaya TallioTikaya Tallio
Davina HansDavina Hans
Ista OudIsta Oud
Desiree MackDesiree Mack
Nevaeh TallioNevaeh Tallio
Serena GabrielSerena Gabriel

We asked the Acswalcta School Grade 12 graduates three questions.

1. What is one memory from school you will carry with you always?

2. Name one teacher and/or mentor that made a difference and how?

3. Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Here are answers from some of the students.

Todd Moody

1. One memory I’ll always carry with me from school is Grad day and how happy everyone was.

2. One teacher who always helped me and was there for me was David Robin. He took the time to explain the work and help me understand it better and he was also always there if I needed to talk to someone.

3. In 25 years I want to be doing motocross or have found a career choice that I can grow old doing and be living life freely.

Everett Johnson

1. College and University trip

2. Carlos is always pushing me to do better and always taking me on bike rides.

3. In 25 years, I am going to be working at the college for teaching mechanics.

Serena Gabriel

1. One memory from school I will always carry with me is our school trips from travelling to Vancouver to look at universities to going to Ottawa and seeing new places and just making the memories with my friends.

2. There is this one teacher that has stuck out to me the most Mrs. G ( Lindsay Gericke ). She had helped me out when I needed help, she was always there for me and always had my back, and I also think I was her favourite. But overall she’s such a kind person and has everyone’s best interest at heart.

3. I see myself working outdoors and hiking, mountain biking and doing all of that fun stuff and just exploring the world and living life and enjoying the little things.

Angeline Johnson

1. When the high school would go for outdoor walks.

2. Leah because she kept pushing me to do better.

3. In 25 years, I see myself being a massage therapist.

Deana Schooner

1. One memory that I will always carry with me is how much support I got throughout high school with all the staff being super supportive and caring.

2. A teacher that made a difference in my perspective is Taylor. She has helped all of the students one way or another. She definitely cares for her students and loves what she does.

3. In 25 years I’m hoping to be successful in where I chose to be then. I don’t know what that is yet but I have hope in myself I’m going to be successful.

Paul Edgar

1.The one memory I will always carry with me is when I helped put up the mechanic shop in the back of the school.

2 The teacher that helped me and made a difference is Deidre by being there for me when I need the help.

3.I see myself either living out in the city somewhere or having my own mechanic shop here at home.

Anthony Schooner

1. One memory I will always carry is Graduation day.

2. One teacher that made a difference for me was Kim Johnson because no matter what, she always reminded me to keep pushing my agitated mind.

3. In 25 years, I see myself working with the land.

Makayla Snow

1. One memory I have from school that I will always carry with me is how all of my classmates would bug each other for no reason and then closer to the end of grade 12 we all started bugging each other more because we then started to realize we won’t be seeing each other in the hallways everyday anymore.

2. One teacher who really made a difference for me is was Taylor, Taylor was always so patient and willing to help you understand the work better even if she had to explain the work a few times.

3. In 25 years I see myself doing a career that I find joy in doing.

Neveah Tallio

1. One of the memories I will always carry is my first day of school in grade 12 when one of my classmates helped me through being at a new school- he was always by my side and we have so many good memories together.

2. One of the teachers that made a difference in my life would be my math teacher, Nuge – she always believed in me and is a good teacher overall.

3. Where I see myself in 25 years is as a culinary chef with a small restaurant and a nice house.

Ista Oud

3. In 25 years I see myself on the land- our Nuxalk territory doing what I love.

Madison Mack

Most of us will recall high school as an emotional brew of joy, regret, and embarrassment. However, I will never forget the nonstop laughter during the anxious, uncomfortable, and joyful moments.

Most of all, however, I will remember the friends I had. Yes, there were many friend groups over the course of my four years in high school, but it’s about the ones who persisted through those friend groups. But more than anything, I’m grateful to have friends who will laugh with me in class until we are dismissed for disturbing the other students.

I’m thankful for the awkward crying sessions. Or the times you accidentally pee yourself from laughing too hard. Or when you’re on the ground laughing while holding your stomach because it hurts.

High school will push you to the limit, but it will all be worthwhile when you have the best friends by your side.

Davina Hans

1. I think the most memorable thing school gave me was the abundance of support through any and all scenarios.

3. In 25 years I see myself doing whatever makes me happy with the people who make me happy.

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