Congratulations Sir Alexander Mackenzie School 2023 graduates

Sir Alexander Mackenzie School celebrated the 2023 graduates during a ceremony Saturday, June 24. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)Sir Alexander Mackenzie School celebrated the 2023 graduates during a ceremony Saturday, June 24. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)
Ashton GundersonAshton Gunderson
Sadie GundersonSadie Gunderson
Cadance HallCadance Hall
Isaac HallIsaac Hall
Maleka HoodMaleka Hood
Elsie CarlsonElsie Carlson
Lance ChouinardLance Chouinard
Uma Cuzner PinheiroUma Cuzner Pinheiro
Kyle DoironKyle Doiron
Billie FitchBillie Fitch
Chandry George-EvansChandry George-Evans
Chloe George-EvansChloe George-Evans
Preston MoodyPreston Moody
Jaymen SchieckJaymen Schieck
Catalina SchoonerCatalina Schooner
Keelan NelsonKeelan Nelson
Summerrain NelsonSummerrain Nelson
Tristen SellarsTristen Sellars
Caprice TallioCaprice Tallio
Kassidi TallioKassidi Tallio
Katie KorolukKatie Koroluk
Jae MoodyJae Moody

We asked the SAMS graduates three question.

1.What is one memory from school you will carry with you always?

2. Name one teacher and/or mentor that made a difference and how?

3. Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Here are the answers from some of the students

Elsie Carlson

1. Going on my first roller coaster on the Band Trip.

2. My parents inspired me to keep working hard through high school and show me how a successful business can be run.

3. Running a successful eco-tourism lodge.

Kyle Doiron

1. I will never forget when our SAMS basketball team qualified for provincials for the first time in 18 years. When that final buzzer went, the whole moment was just pure excitement. Everybody ran onto the court, jumping on each other celebrating. I don’t think that the adrenaline wore off for the whole rest of that day.

2. I’ve been at SAMS since Grade 6, so there have been a lot of people who have made a great impact on my time in high school. I am forever grateful for all the time sacrificed by the coaches of our school’s athletics programs (Sony, Ryan, Mr. B). Even though we are a small school, we were able to go toe-to-toe with some of the best sports teams in the province because of their dedication to coaching. Somebody who also had a great impact on me was Mr. Fernandez. The man is a beam of happiness and positivity, and I genuinely don’t believe that he has a mean bone in his body. Walking into class every day and laughing with him always made things better.

3. 25 years is a long time, so it’s hard to even imagine what I could be up to by then. I would like to pursue a career in creative direction/marketing, specifically wanting to work in sports. Hopefully in 25 years I’m settled down somewhere, feeling financially stable and happy.

Maleka Hood

1. Getting sent out of class for burping really loud.

2. Joel Abergel, he is one of the realest here.

3. Retired at the ripe of age 43.

Chandry George-Evans

1. I will carry all the memories from every school trip, which are sports trips and Outdoor Ed trips.

2. Theoren Evans. He showed me what a truly kind person is and the person I want to be.

3. Being a coach somewhere.

Chloe George-Evans

1. My favourite memory is from the first Outdoor Ed trip when Cat said “cheese guzzling cow“ when she was eating a cheese smoky, or when Uma burnt rice at Hakai on a different OE trip.

2. Mr. B and Joel, they continued to push me forward and motivated me so much.

3. In a nice home with a nice stable job as a social worker, maybe a family, possibly back in Bella Coola.

Jae Moody

1. There’s too many but if I had to choose, cutting Mr. Barnes’ beard.

2. Maria, she’s always shown support and love without judgement. I wouldn’t have made it without her.

3. Hopefully doing psychology in my own practice.

Preston Moody

1. Leaving this place (finally).

2. Ryan

3. At the old age of 44, hopefully away from school, but this town is ok.

Jaymen Schieck

1. Sports trips, especially the basketball provincials.

2. Dan Watts inspired me to workout and taught the importance of fitness overall.

3. Hopefully having a high paying job and successful career.

Catalina Schooner

1. Uma’s magnificent burnt rice!

2. Mr. B always had a great class and amazing trips

3. I see myself in Africa helping Giraffes and Lions.

Kassidi Tallio

1. Getting out of science class because me and Madison couldn’t stop laughing.

2. Joel

3. In 25 years, I see myself teaching at a daycare

Editor’s note: Check the next edition of Coast Mountain News for more photographs and a write-up from the graduation ceremony.

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