Bella Coola Elementary School Grade Ones share excitement for the holiday season

Clarise - her drawing is on front page pop-upClarise - her drawing is on front page pop-up
Clarise’s drawingClarise’s drawing
Cory MackCory Mack
Cory Mack drawingCory Mack drawing
Elizabeth NguyenElizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen’s drawingElizabeth Nguyen’s drawing
Ellis LansdowneEllis Lansdowne
Ellis Landsdowne’s drawingEllis Landsdowne’s drawing
Jayden GibbsJayden Gibbs
Jayden Gibb’s drawingJayden Gibb’s drawing
Maisy WilsonMaisy Wilson
Maisy Wilson’s drawingMaisy Wilson’s drawing
Tristan CurrieTristan Currie
Tristan Currie’s drawingTristan Currie’s drawing
Zoey JohnsonZoey Johnson
Zoey Johnson’s drawingZoey Johnson’s drawing
Kato DeGraafKato DeGraaf
Kato DeGraaf’s drawingKato DeGraaf’s drawing

The Grade One students at Bella Coola Elementary have been learning about the diverse ways we all celebrate holidays,” said teacher Kaylee Strobel. “We all have our own special traditions with our families during the holiday season. The grade ones are so proud to share their writing with the world.”

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