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Art House Gallery features abstract works by Lloyd Gould

This is Gould’s first solo exhibit at the gallery
Lloyd Gould has an art exhibit at the Art House Gallery. (Submitted photo)

Local artist Lloyd Gould has his first solo exhibit at the Art House in the Bella Coola Valley.

Gould said all of the paintings are abstract, a medium he started working with in 2021.

“I had a bit of a sabbatical from painting for a few years and then I was on YouTube one day and watching a video about abstract painting techniques and thought I’d like to try it,” he told Coast Mountain News.

He produces abstract paintings very quickly, he added.

“Because they are in the moment I think that’s why I like doing them. They are also very colourful.”

He started working on some of the paintings that are in the show in 2021 and finished the rest of them recently.

All of them are signed on the back with the month and year. He signs them on the back so that people can decided how they want to hang them, he explained.

His prices are reasonable too because he thinks if people like his paintings they should be able afford to buy them.

Most are done on pieces that measure 24 inches square.

“I use MDF board which has a smooth surface. Once I get them primed I enjoy moving paint around on them.”

MDF boards come in large sheets, which he then cuts into smaller sections.

Because the paintings are all abstracts, he does not give them a title either, he said.

“I want people to look at them for themselves and get an idea of what they see in it. When I go to look at a painting I don’t necessarily look at a title right away and that way I can think about it the way I want to.”

Born in Summerland, B.C., Gould has a background in photography and has always had an interest in art.

He first started drawing in high school and in 2004 becgan painting with acrylics.

Their move to Bella Coola resulted after visiting a close friend in the valley who he grew up with that was like a sister to him.

Gould and his partner had been living in North Vancouver and thinking they would like to move to a smaller community.

“Summerland was a small town when I was a boy and my partner Wendy is from North Vancouver, which was not very big either when she was growing up, so moving here was not much of an adjustment.”

A hairdresser and a barber he operates his own shop on their property in Hagensborg.

He is a member of the Bella Coola Valley Arts Council and enjoys encouraging people to do art.

“It’s a wonderful thing” he said. “You are doing something constructive and it’s good therapy for a lot people.”

The show is up until Saturday, Aug. 19 and had its opening on Friday, Aug. 11.

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One of the pieces in an exhibit of works created by Lloyd Gould now on display at the Art House Gallery. (Ida Eriksen photo)
One of the pieces in an exhibit of works created by Lloyd Gould on display at the Art House Gallery. (Ida Eriksen photo)
One of the pieces in an exhibit of works created by Lloyd Gould now on display at the Art House Gallery. (Ida Eriksen photo)

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